How To Order ?

For Delivery & Pickup features, follow the instructions:

  • It is important for us and for you to be in the District of Columbia area, and have a valid picture ID that will attest your age (21+) before we can proceed with your donation.
  •  Choose your gift options through the “Artwork” and the “Menu” option.
  • Text us or call us at 213-400-6514 with your donation order. Once both parties agreed on the order we will dispatch you a practical meet-up location.

Sample Order to follow

“Hello Genetix House. My name is Kat Dat and I would like to place an order through your service. I would like your Cloud City artwork and I choose Narnia to be my free gift to be picked up. Here is a picture of my ID.”

For Delivery option, text us at 213-400-6514

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